Archie is the leader of Team Aqua, and created it to expand the ocean in Hoenn with Kyogre.

(Team Aqua Leader)
Name: Archie
Japanese Name: Team Aqua Leader
Age: 33
Gender: male
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Hoenn
Family: Unknown
Class: Trainer, Team Aqua Leader
Friends: Maxie(former), Aldreac, Team Aqua members


Archie created Team Aqua for the sole purpose of using Kyogre to expand the ocean in Hoenn. Before this, he, Maxie, and Aldreac were friends but had differing views on how the world should be, they split up to take their different paths many years ago, and while his views are directly opposite to Maxies, he and Alreac still keep in touch, and Aldreac lends him support through some of his grunts(disguised as Team Aqua grunts) to aid Archie and Team Aqua.


Archie uses a variety of pokemon focusing mainly on Water, Ice and Dark pokemon.

Pokémon Information
Sharpedo is known to be able to use:Crunch, Swagger, Giga Impact, Ice Beam, Waterfall,Surf, and Nightslash
Pokémon Information
Mightyena is known to be able to use:Crunch, Swagger, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Poison Fang, and Fire Fang.
Pokémon Information
Aldreac's Crobat
Crobat is known to be able to use:Confuse Ray, X-scissor, Air Slash, Cross Poison, Shadow Ball, and Hyper Beam.
Pokémon Information
Carracosta is known to be able to use: Ancientpower, Aqua Tail, Curse, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Giga Impact.
Pokémon Information
Tentacruel is known to be able to use: Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Confuse Ray, Hyper Beam, Giga Drain, and Ice Beam.

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